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Why Aschenti Cocoa? In 1871, when the Netherland brought back cacao trees from the Maya and Aztec people, the Ashanti people were the first cacao growers in Africa. They were known to be rigorous and well invested in their farms. They had a specific way of growing cacao, and one method to produce their cacao with only natural products. We want to build on the Ashanti people’s values, to improve your life. Because you matter. Unlike every other artisan chocolatier who simply gets pre-made chocolate and mould it, what makes our chocolates matchless is the fact that we are fully controlling each step of the process, from the farm to the bar, improving quality and quantity: you experience a pure chocolate. Aschenti Cocoa is about keeping the Ashanti people’s tradition and values by using natural products. It’s about going back to the roots and preserving that legendary way of life, and the result is a unique chocolate, without additives, a rich and virtuous chocolate. With the ultimate goal of restoring a balance between the farmers; who are paying their lives to produce a pure cacao and consumers paying high cost to experience unique flavours. Our slogan is simple: from Nature to Perfection! 

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It all starts in a cacao farm. From nature to perfection…

In order to have a variety of cacao, we grow and sourced cacao from our farms and local small farms in Cameroon. We can’t stress enough the importance of maintaining an organic reach from the beginning.

We are working with local growers in Cameroon to not only educate them but also ensure a better cacao quality.
We also support our local community, whenever possible, we source our ingredients from local and Canadian makers. They can help us obtain most of our organic ingredients right in our backyard.

Our process

Beans selection

Farming Our cacao grows without chemicals in small farms located in Cameroon. We have our own farm and we are also working with local growers.

It all starts in those farms. We take pride in the work we do with local cacao growers. Not only do we train them in sustainable agricultural practices to produce the best quality product but we also ensure that they can have a better life. As a result, they have better tools to grow sustainable cacao; improve their economic opportunities and support their families and kids.
Harvesting  Working with farmers, we separate the cacao pods from the tree with a special machete, using an ancient Aschenti’s technique. 
We house two types of Cacao: the Criollo, classified as the porcelena, and the Trinitario, an hybrid.
Fermenting This process is one of the most delicate, since it determines the beans’ profile bringing out their best flavours. Following the Ashanti’s tradition inspired by the Maya and Aztec people, we ferment cacao in wood boxes. Before being shipped to Winnipeg, we make sure that only the best beans are sorted and cleaned.



Roasting Our chocolates are proudly made with care and love by small batch from scratch in Manitoba. Upon arrival in Winnipeg, the beans are sorted by hand and then roasted at a low temperature (between 100 and 180 degrees). Fermentation and roasting are key to developing unique flavours. We roast our beans at a low temperature so that each bean can acquire a signature aroma. This is when the magic happens: the Maillard reaction. One of the hardest things is to share with people the true taste of chocolate and let them know that we’ve kept the original cacao flavour. We hope they can feel and enjoy it in the final product.


Conching The chocolate flavours are unleashed. They are losing any remaining acidity and becoming more fluid; bringing out a more complex, rich chocolate taste with a glossy, silky smooth appearance.

We like to compare chocolate to wine or cheese. It has different taste and the more it ages, the more it reveals subtle flavours and aromas. We determine aging duration based on the bean profile.

Chocolate can be compared to wine, it has different taste, different flavours and the more it ages, the more it will reveal subtle flavours and aromas.


Winnowing Working in a productive environment is key for us and we needed a personalized machine to meet our needs. We developed our own vacuum pressure machine, which is allowing us to completely remove the shells from the cooled cacao nibs and break them into 2 or 3 mm. The shells are crushed to powder and used as cacao powder.


Tempering Any mistake will directly impact the visual and sensational appearance of the chocolate. It goes through varying temperatures in order to get the most compact, stable form of the cacao butter crystals.


Grinding The nibs are crushed with melangers (made out of granite horizontal grinders) to make room for the Cacao liquor.

Natural ingredients such as unrefined cane sugar are added. No preservatives or additives are used in our products.

The grinders turn 3 to 4 days, mixing different ingredients, refining them in order to obtain less than 15 microns.

Made with passion for you


Molding The chocolate is now ready for its final form through molding. This is where we fill out our custom moulds based on the desired shape. During this phase, we remove air pockets, and put the chocolate in a cooler.


Packaging Once crystallized, we remove the bars, inspect for blemishes, and wrap them by hand. Voila! Now you can enjoy your bar with a shiny finish and a snap when you break it!! Our bars are carefully hand-wrapped in a heavy gold foil. Then wrapped in special paper locally made for us. Paper is delicate and we prefer to do it manually to ensure quality and consistency. The final touch is adding our labels!

Our delicious bars are ready to be discovered onsite or online store or at one of our retailers’ shop.


Tasting Listen for the snap!

Just like wine, chocolate is more than a candy, it’s a meal. Smell the chocolate and check the appearance. Eat slowly and make notes of the flavours, the textures, the finish and after taste. Bon appétit!

Our Stockists

This holiday season, you can order chocolates HERE. Last day to place an order is Saturday, December 12, 2020.


Aschenti Cocoa partners with an exclusive and committed group of companies that value the quality of our chocolates. Our bars are available at the following locations:


Mandolin Books and Coffee Company


- Alt Hotel (Winnipeg)

- Art Gallery of South western Manitoba (Brandon)

- Chez Angela (Brandon)

- Coal and Canary (The Forks, Winnipeg)

- Forth Whyte Alive (Winnipeg)

- Lacoste Garden (Winnipeg)

- Mainly Manitoba in Clearlake (Wasagamin)

- Manitoba Museum (Winnipeg)

- McNally Robinson (Winnipeg)

- Norwood florist (Saint-Boniface, Winnipeg)

- ParkLine Coffee (Winnipeg)

- The Cellar Door (Portage-la-prairie)

- The Wine House (Winnipeg)


If you are interested in carrying our chocolates, please contact us at sales (at) aschenti.com. For wholesale and restaurant inquiries, please email us at hello (at) aschenti.com

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