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Thanks for your interest in Aschenti Cocoa. Orders can only be placed by email at the moment through info (at) aschenti.com.

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Looking to host a private event? Whether you would like to surprise, reward, congratulate, commemorate or just have a party, let us know!

A chocolate tasting is a wonderful way to learn what pure chocolate is all about and to introduce a friends and family to its pleasures. We can help select chocolates for your tasting party on any visit for private or corporate event. Learn more here.

All our products are made from scratch in-house and we can also tailor our products to meet your needs.

Got an idea? Let’s talk to make it happen, please contact hello (at) aschenti.com


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Chocolate is not a candy: it's a superfood!

Did you know that there can be up to 400 flavours in a piece of chocolate (even more than in wine).

The art of chocolate making is to keep the natural aromas of the cacao beans and actually bring them to fruition without any additives in the chocolate. That's what we do in our open concept factory.

This hour long, one of a kind experience, will guide you through different flavours of single origin chocolate, and provide an overview of the story of making chocolate from farm to bean to bar. Learn how to taste chocolate, using the five senses and how to identify additives.

Phone today at 204.452.7770 or email us at info (at) aschenti.com to book your tastings with friends.

For a complete guide on tasting chocolate, check the link below.



We do weddings!

Every occasion is unique that’s why we make weddings even more fun!

Our chocolates do make great favours and sometimes a great replacement for cake. Totally gluten free, peanut free and soy free with vegan option available ...

You can also add a personalized touch by customizing them to match your wedding colours. We will work with you to design a new wrapper just for your special day.

Tell a bride to be or contact us to find out more hello (at) aschenti.com

Community Outreach

We love sharing our passion for chocolate with others: it's truly why we do what we do!

We’ve developed a whole new take on educational workshops with our carefully crafted chocolate workshops for schools & colleges – what better way can you think of appealing to youngsters than through the medium of chocolate!

Check out our Facebook page or sign up to our newsletter to be in the know when we're hosting workshops and chocolate tastings, participating at markets, and joining in at popup shop!

Fundraising Program

DID YOU KNOW... we now offer a new and exciting way of fundraising? Are you tired of the same old fundraiser over and over and over again? NOW, feel good by supporting locally Manitoba made food products!

We've partnered with other local foodie makers to offer some of Manitoba's best products.

Check out the fundraising page for all the details HERE!

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